New Pontiac Trans Am

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2016 Pontiac Trans Am Images And Interior

The 2016 Pontiac Trans Am is a vehicle that’s not produced as classic old Firebird Trans Am models since Pontiac GM division is out of business for more than 5 years now. There are certain small body shops that are converting new high performance Chevrolet Camaro models into Trans Am cars, which is very convenient since even the old original TA was based on the Camaro platform.

The only licensed body shop that does this kind of work is Trans Am Depot which is very experienced with turning any vehicle that rolls on four wheels into a Trans Am. They made few different TA models, 6T9 are the ones based on the 1969 model look, while the 7T7 are the ones based on 1977 model year styling of this famous American muscle car. There’s also a Hurst TA which is made in cooperation with Hurst High Performance Vehicle.


2016 Pontiac Trans AM

2016 Pontiac Trans AM

When it comes to exterior these cars look astonishingly beautiful and sporty. They come with numerous expensive design solutions that are placed on the Camaro body and some of those are the following: Eibach 1″ drop spring and Anti Roll Kit, Hurst made Deep Dish 5 spoke wheels rolled in Pirelli P Zero sporty tires, with drop fender extractors on top. Hood is one of the most prestigious pieces of each new vehicle since most of the them come with some unusual character lines, big air intakes and a fire bird logo that covers big part of the hood, which is one of the things that makes this vehicle looking like a real Trans Am. Hurst version for example comes with RTM OE Style Shaker hood and air intake shaker scoop on top of it.

Interior Of 2016 Pontiac Trans Am

When it comes to interior there are also a numerous additional pieces that TA Depot installs to 2016 Pontiac Trans Am to make it look more like the retro TA models. The 2016 Pontiac Trans Am comes with styling influenced by the seventies and this means it has 1978 influenced gauge cluster as well as seventies looking two tone upholstery with black as a dominant color and orange accents on top. There’s also a new carbon fiber dash board, floor mats made by Hurst and head rest, floor carpets with TA logos.

2016 Pontiac Trans AM Engine

2016 Pontiac Trans AM Engine


When it comes to performance this vehicle uses engine from Camaro SS model, which means it comes with 6.2 liter V8, but it also has additional charger pieces depending on which its output can go from 580 horsepower up to 750 horsepower made by one of the 6T9 models. They usually come with supercharger and twin turbocharger and a different exhaust system made out of stainless steel. With this setup you will be getting significantly more power than from standard Camaro while the performances will be pushed significantly further.

Pontiac Trans Am Interior

Pontiac Trans Am Interior


These vehicles are custom made, and depending on the order they can cost up to $300,000. Trans Am Depot doesn’t reveal their prices online and same goes for the name of the people who ordered it, but the price of 2016 Pontiac Trans AM shouldn’t worry you since most of us will never be able to order this fantastic piece of machinery. There are more than 15 models sold until now and owners of these vehicles simply don’t know how lucky they are.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Images

For those that can afford the 2016 Pontiac Trans Am we can only say that they will have one quite unique vehicle. This is due to the fact that only small number of vehicles is produced with these changes plus the fact that every customer can order many customized bits for each and every car.

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